President's Message

President Koichi Maruno

The Dai-ichi Life Research Institute was established in April 1997. The purpose of the Institute is to enable the Dai-ichi Life Group to provide information, offer recommendations for public policy making, and provide consulting services. In October 2002, the Institute merged with the Life Design Research Institute, which was established in September 1988 and whose research and study themes were related to daily life (economy, health, education, family, and the mental health). In April 2009, the Institute merged with Dai-ichi Life Well Life Support (established in April 1998) to strengthen its function of sharing information on health, medical care, and nursing care. Thus, the Institute has been acting as a research center that covers up from the economy to daily life.
The fields of studies cover a broad range, economies, finance, industry, society, culture and life planning of domestic and overseas. While the aging of the population is progressing rapidly in Japan, changes in the frameworks of the economy and society are also taking place. Our institute will take advantage of our life insurance affiliation and will work to shed light on the momentous changes of the present age based on a long-range perspective.
In order to respond to the life design of corporate employees, we developed "Yoyo Jinsei no Susume" (Recommendation for a Glorious Life), our own life design seminar, and have offered this for more than 20 years. In addition, we also provide Well Life Seminars relevant to health, medical care, and nursing care, the area of which have drawn increasing attention in recent years.
Under the Dai-ichi Life Group vision "Think People First," we will promptly and precisely respond to changes in the environment surrounding our economy and society, further strive to work on improving our ability to provide information as we expand our network, and work to become a company that helps our customers.

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